Leaked Footage Of Harry Potter RPG Looks Magical

A Harry Potter RPG game that is currently in development by Rocksteady Studios has been leaked on the internet and there are no words that can describe how amazing it looks. See the leaked footage for yourself here and be amazed.

The leak comes reportedly from a focus group that was conducted in the US and a lot of information on the project has already been revealed. According to the leak, the game takes place in the 19th century in the Wizarding world. According to the leak, you are a new student at Hogwarts although you will start in the 5th year. You will play as a student that is very talented at wizardry and you possess a special skill that allows you to track down ancient powers.


Once you arrive at Hogwarts strange events start to take place and you will go on a journey to never seen before locations to unravel the mysterious events happening around Hogwarts. On your journey, you are joined by a professor called Elezar Fig and you will be tasked with creating potions, learning new spells, and discovering fantastical creatures. You will also have to battle against evil enemies utilizing the spells you have learned just like we saw in the leaked footage.


The game will be an open-world RPG so you will be given a lot of tools and options to experience Hogwarts and the Wizarding world the way that you have always imagined it. You will get to choose your house and the friends that you hang out with. You will be able to become 1 of 8 different types of Wizards. You even get to choose whether you become a good or evil wizard. Can’t wait to Avada Kedavra some NPCs. According to the leak, you will get to play through the game your own way.

The footage that we have seen in the leak seems to be pretty far along in development. It’s quite surprising that we have not yet heard or seen anything about this game yet, although I understand that the studio has kept it a secret for such a long time. Now that we have seen a leak I would expect the studio to put out a trailer relatively soon or at the very least acknowledge the existence of the project.

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