Google Streamable Games – Project Yeti Gets Official Announcement

For months now, there has been rumors of some sort of big Google move into the gaming industry with the project being codenamed “Yeti.” Finally, we have an official statement regarding the project straight from Google themselves. According to a blog post a few hours ago, Google has announced they will begin allowing a select number of users to test a streamable version of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey


According to Google, “Project Stream” as they’re calling it now, seeks to “solve some of the biggest challenges of streaming.” In other words, at the moment, the project is merely a “technical test” to push the boundaries of the technology, rather than a direct attempt to jump into gaming specifically.

Compared with other streamable services, gaming is an entirely different monster of a challenge. Unlike watching a Netflix movie or streaming music from Spotify, where the content can buffer without you noticing if there are any latency issues, any slight lag spikes or packet loss in gaming could mean your in-game death. As Google notes in their announcement, gaming requires “latency measured in milliseconds, with no graphic degradation.” Assassin’s Creedy Odyssey

is a resource demanding game that will give Google’s service a serious workout, and if they manage to pull it off, the sky’s the limit as to where they can go from there.

They’ve released a video with a sample of their work. Here’s the game streaming completely off of Google Chrome.

Right now, the beta test is open only to those 17 and older, and residing in the US. If you happen to fit that description, you can sign up using this link.

Again, the test starts this Friday so stay tuned for an update on this next week.


Featured Image Source: Mediavida

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