Cloud9 Wins The First Game Of Worlds 2018 Versus Kabum!

Cloud9 is off to a good start at Worlds 2018 as they have won the very first game of the entire tournament. The team was up against Kabum! Esports and with a dominant victory Cloud9 clearly looked like the better team.

The match is part of the play-in series in which multiple teams from smaller regions and the 3rd place team from bigger regions face off against each other in order to determine who will qualify for the last spots in the group stages. The three teams that are supposed to be the strongest during this play-in phase are Cloud9, G2, and EDG, so it’s not that surprising that Cloud9 has already won their first game.


Despite Cloud9 taking the win, Kabum did not look like a terrible team but the individual players on Cloud9 were simply a lot stronger. Especially Licorice, C9’s top laner was impressive during the series, even winning the first player of the game award of the tournament. He dominated throughout the early game and managed to come out on top in a 1v3 scenario that certainly spells doom for most League of Legends players. Licorice is definitely a player to watch out for during the entire tournament as he is a homegrown talent and has proven time and time again that he is one of the best players in NA right now.


Although winning the first game of the entire tournament must be an extremely satisfying experience for Cloud9 they’re still a long way from the finish line, especially considering they have not even qualified for the actual group stage yet. Although C9, G2, and EDG are expected to make their way into the group stages, we have seen during past Worlds tournaments that teams from lesser known regions are not to be underestimated. We have even seen “wildcard teams” win games versus the favorites of the tournament.

Worlds 2018 definitely looks like another exciting edition of the highly anticipated League of Legends tournament. The teams look extremely competitive and it looks like we might see China taking the championship title this year instead of another Korean team. Stay posted for more content on Worlds 2018.

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