Art Book Reveals Nintendo Created Bowsette Way Before The Internet Did

We’re pretty certain you’ve heard about the whole Bowsette freight train of memes taking over the internet in the past week. If not, Bowsette is the result of Bowser donning the Super Crown present in Nintendo’s latest New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe trailer and becoming an amalgamation of himself and Peach, appositely named Bowsette.

Originally drawn as part of a seemingly innocuous comic by Twitter artist haniwa

, fervor for Bowsette went positively stratospheric carpeting the internet at large with everyone and their uncle’s take on the character, even spawning a Mario 64 mod, and a fan meet-up in Japan.

However, news of an art book released by Nintendo in Japan may have stolen the trend’s thunder and beaten the internet to the punch. Said book named The Art of Super Mario Odyssey is brimming with concept art, much of which didn’t make the final cut. Among the pieces is a short strip depicting Bowser striking Peach with Cappy and turning her into a blended character of the two that looks uncannily similar to fan renditions of Bowsette, with fans, horns, and studded collar.


Mario’s Cappy ability allows him to throw his cap onto enemies, who then take on his characteristics. The internet Bowsette is primarily Peach with a few Bowser attributes thrown in (as well as fair share of lewd, sexualized attributes), very much in keeping with what’s on show in the art book. Credit goes to Twitter user Nao for picking up on the art book’s rather interesting revelation.

Nintendo must be kicking themselves for not including Bowsette in Super Mario Odyssey given how she’s blown up and the overwhelmingly positive reception from Nintendo fans worldwide. With this in mind, and the fact the Japanese gaming giant already has concept art at hand, the inclusion of Bowsette in a future Mario title isn’t too far fetched.

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