SKT Faker Skin For Ryze Might Be The Best LoL Skin Idea Yet

In most sports, there’s usually some debate over who the greatest player who ever lived was. Think of the Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James vs. Kobe Bryant debate – a lot of people have different opinions on who the best was. League of Legends might be the only sport/esport where there is a defacto greatest player that no one will ever dispute – Faker. The question that has surfaced on Reddit is whether or not he is legendary enough of a player that people would actually spend money on a Ryze skin designed in his image.


An increasingly popular thread on Reddit titled, Real Talk: Would you like “SKT T1 Faker” to become a Ryze skin?, seeks to determine the answer to that question. Here’s a picture of a possible Faker splash art that the thread creator, u/Xhanot, shared for reference.

Pretty cool idea no? Image Source: Reddit

The 2016 World Championship MVP, 2017 Best Esports Player, and 3 time World Championship winner has definitely won the respect of all League players around the world. The responses in the Reddit thread reflects this and most fans seem eager to drop the cash for a skin in his honor.

Redditor u/evanify0531 came up with a brilliant suggestion saying that one of the statues around the fountain should be remade into his likeness.

Redditor u/pumbahusajo pointed out the irony behind the idea, considering Faker himself usually plays without skins.

If the response on Reddit is anything to go by, League of Legends players would gladly open their wallets for a Faker-themed Ryze skin. Riot Games, if you’re paying attention, you might want to give the idea a go as you’re sure to make a big pile of cash off of it!


Featured Image Source: Tumblr

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