Epic Games Already Working On Fortnite Fixes For PS4 Users

Given the bizarre system lock nonsense

that players discovered when logging into Fortnite accounts on the PS4 version of Fortnite, many players undoubtedly created new accounts in order to be able to play with their friends. With the groundbreaking announcement that Sony will now be starting a Fortnite cross-play beta
, Epic Games has already started working on some solutions to help out players who had created an extra account and would prefer to have their progress merged into a single one.

Image Source: Nintendo

In a tweet from their official Twitter page, Epic games revealed that they would be creating a system that will help players merge the purchases from two separate accounts into one. They also mentioned that they would be devising a way for players to unlink an account from a console and then relinking it to another system.

Here’s the original tweet.

As you can see, Epic Games is already hard at working coming up with fixes for the mess created by Sony’s initial refusal to allow cross-platform play. By November, both of these fixes will be live, and players who were forced to create an extra account just to deal with Sony’s stubbornness will be able to enjoy a more streamlined Fortnite experience.


Featured Image Source: Variety

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