Developer Bioware Confirms ‘Anthem’ Is Now In Alpha

After being the toast of this year’s E3, Bioware’s upcoming flying exo-suit persistent multiplayer action adventure Anthem has officially hit its Alpha milestone.

In a message posted on the Bioware website, the studio’s GM Casey Hudson proudly revealed the game was now in a state where ‘every part of the game is in, and functioning’. Alpha generally mark the moment a game’s content has been completed and the focus turns towards more performance-based concerns. In other words, the game is finished and now needs polishing.

Developer Bioware Confirms ‘Anthem’ Is Now In Alpha

Harking back to heady halcyon days of Baldur’s Gate, Hudson waxes lyrical about today’s news having very similar energy to the fantasy RPG’s development and testing cycle. He says ‘the team is starting to get a sense of the magic they’ve created together and there’s a growing excitement about finally releasing it into the world.’

Given the ambition of Anthem’s shared open world, the milestone is no small feat with the team now able to put down their creative brushes and focus entirely on finessing, bug-fixing, and stress testing the game in the final stretch towards release, which is currently scheduled for February 22nd next year on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Developer Bioware Confirms ‘Anthem’ Is Now In Alpha

Hudson continues, ‘There’s a ton of work ahead, but everyone knows what they need to do and is working with a level of passion and effort that’s truly inspiring’.

From what we’ve seen, Anthem is looking mighty enticing and as Hudson puts it is about ‘capturing a shared experience’ as players experience the same worldly narrative, while having uniquely different adjacent personal experiences.

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