All 14 Alpha Predators Of ARK: Survival Evolved (Part 1)

1. Alpha Basilisk

Alpha Basilisk is very aggressive and tends to chase down its prey nonstop.

Like a normal Basilisk, an Alpha Basilisk looks like a giant spiky snake with hard scales but bigger in size, glows red and is covered by red-orange clouds. You can only find Basilisk in Aberration map.

2. Alpha Carnotaurus

Alpha Carnotaurus is the bigger and stronger version of Carnotaurus. It’s hard to find an Alpha Carnotaurus on The Island. An Alpha Carnotaurus can buff its own strength and nearby carnivores’ resistance. If you are not fully equipped, it will be troublesome to encounter an Alpha Carnotaurus.

Alpha Carnotaurus can’t be knocked out. Defeating Alpha Carnotaurus would grant all nearby players a huge amount of XP and a Rex Bone Helmet. There might also be other drops including: recipes, weapons, high-quality armors and many other items. Alpha Carnotaurus would not drop Raw Meat and drop Raw Prime Meat instead.

3. Alpha Deathworm

If you get inside Alpha Deathworms’ territory, they will chase you down like how every Deathworm on Scorched Earth does. They only stop once you are out of their land. Alpha Deathworm digs, hides under the ground then make sudden attacks. Deathworm is a fictional species of ARK.

4. Alpha Fire Wyvern

Wyvern is a type of Western dragons featured in Scorched Earth and Ragnarok map. There are four main variants including Fire, Poison, Lightning and Ice but only Fire Wyvern has Alpha variant. Alpha Fire Wyvern is very hot-tempered and will attack anyone got into its sight. It would keep chasing and attacking the “invaders” till when it’s not possible anymore.

5. Alpha Karkinos

Karkinos is one of the creatures debuted in the Aberration DLC of ARK: Survival Evolved. It is a giant crab with long legs and often roams areas that have water. Karkinos moves very fast and can be deadly with their legs. An Alpha Karkinos is even bigger than a normal one and has glowing red-orange clouds around its body.

6. Alpha Leedsichthys

Leedsichthys is the biggest kind of fishes of The Island. Leedsichthys gives a quality meat called Raw Prime Fish Meat, something you can totally expect to get from such a big fish. But Alpha Leedsichthys is even bigger. Alpha Leedsichthys is also called Great Albino Leedsichthys as its body’s color is mainly white and it glows.

7. Alpha Megalodon

Megalodon is a giant prehistoric shark and is closely connected to modern-day white sharks. Megalodon is one of the most dangerous carnivores in the ocean of The Island. It is even thought to be more dangerous than a T-Rex. A Megalodon is so big that it needs a lot of food to survive, as a result, it tends to attack anything move in its sight. Alpha Megalodon is often the leader of a Megalodon pack if it does not go alone. An Alpha Megalodon can detect human players from very far away.


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