Riot Releases Ezreal Rework Preview Video

Riot Games just released a preview video for the new Ezreal rework and based on what we can see, the champ is looking pretty flashy.

The devs first announced that they were going to make some updates to him in their August edition of Champion Roadmap. Being one of the first champions introduced to the nearly 9 year old game, Ezreal has been in serious need of a facelift. For the most part, he’s held up quite well despite the years, and it seems that Riot didn’t need adjust him too much to make him a bit more relevant. The only move that received a significant change was his W and the video preview gives us a glimpse as to how the move will look/play once he hits the public server. Check out the enhanced particles of his classic abilities as well as his new W in the video below.

As you can see, all of his moves are more visually appealing and the sprites for all of his skins received tweaks to match his new appearance. Here another look at his updated skins.

Again, the only major change was to his W. Essence Flux now appears to apply a debuff of sorts to enemies that when hit by Ezreal’s other abilities, procs dealing bonus damage. In practice, it seems similar to Lux’s passive, with the exception that it might only proc off of abilities rather than autoattacks. Based on the preview video, it’s hard to tell whether or not the range was adjusted, but it still seems to be able to pass through minions like its current incarnation.

Ezreal’s always been a fun champion to play and these changes are sure to bring him a surge in popularity. Expect to see him a LOT in bot lane right after his official release.


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