Top 5 Jungle Champions Of LoL Patch 8.18

Every patch of League of Legends comes with a lot of changes and LoL patch 8.18 is no exception. With this patch, players witness the shifting of jungle champions meta towards some long lost champions in the list below.


At the moment, Graves is really a “big guy” in the Fields of Justice. It’s a hard to contest Graves in his jungle at any point of the game. Graves has been staying as a top jungle champions for a while thanks to the buffs Riot made to his Q – End of the Line (deal AOE damage) and R – Collateral Damage.


Kayn the Shadow Reaper is known for his transforming ability – The Darkin Scythe (Passive). You would be at a huge advantage using Kayn to jungle as he can clear neutral monsters very fast and has the ability to move unobstructedly.

Regardless of some of his down points like he would need to stack up points before he could transform, Kayn still can have huge impact on every match he is in thanks to his high damage output and aggressive playstyle. All in all, Kayn is a champion you would love to play a lot in patch 8.18.


Since the huge wave of buffs to tank champions in patch 8.16, Rammus has been picked more and more and his win rate also has gone up a lot in ranked solo queue. As of this point, you might often see Rammus in action as a jungle champion in every rank tier.


With champions like Sejuani, Trundle being nerfed, Evelynn is making a comeback to the scene.

Evelynn was nowhere to be seen back in 2017. The situation didn’t get much better in 2018 in spite of many strong buffs, she was only picked in low rank tiers where players seldom buy wards to counter her.

However, when Sejuani and Trundle were nerfed, it’s really a big chance for Evelynn to be picked more often. It would be a disaster when your team don’t have anyone to control Evelynn. She can exploit every available opportunity with her monstrous damage output without anyone knowing about her movement.


Like Evelynn, Jax became popular again when the [previously] “hot picks” were heavily nerfed to the point players wouldn’t pick them anymore.

Jax’s damage output does not match Graves’ or Kayn’s and he can’t tank like Rammus but he is a bit of both, a decent enough tanker that can deal a fair amount of damage.

You can get Jax items following that pattern too, partly to boost his durability and partly to increase his damage. With those stats he gets from items, especially from a  Trinity Force, and his kit which includes a stun, Jax is able to take down an enemy champion quite easily.

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