Blizzard Announces Pricey New Collectible Overwatch Sword

Can’t get enough of collectible Overwatch gear like the hand-painted D.Va statue or the Figma Reaper? Well, it seems like Blizzard is always prepared to offer you something new to help you get your fix. As Kotaku reports, they’ve just revealed a $200 USD replica of Genji’s sword for all of you Genji-mains that have been waiting for a collectible item from your favorite Overwatch


Here’s a look at the fancy weapon, which even comes with a pretty spiffy stand to display your new sword in all of its glory.

Image Source: Blizzard

Blizzard has also created a trailer showcasing some of the other cool features of the collectible such as it’s LED lights and motion sound effects. Regarding the latter, as you’ll see in the video below, the sword can shout out “Ryūjin no ken o kurae” from Genji’s ultimate.

It even ships in an awesome looking case that really matches the look of the sword.

Not bad right? At a length of 47 CM, it’s a sizable replica that looks quite legit.

Is it worth the $200 USD price tag though? Well, that probably depends on how big of a Genji fan you are. What’s funny about the item is that on Blizzard’s official store page for it, there is a note that states:  “For ages 15+, this is not a toy.” The fact that it’s essentially a plastic sword that comes with motion sound effects suggests otherwise. There are other replicas of Genji’s sword that are actually made of steel, such as this one being sold by Vulcan Gear, and are significantly less expensive.


Featured Image Source: Blizzard

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