Fortnite Season 6 Starts This Thursday September 27th

Fortnite Season 6 Starts This Thursday September 27th

After weeks of wild speculation running from imminent to a month, Epic Games has finally settled the matter of when Fortnite Season 6 will start and confirmed D-day as September 27th. As usual, the news was communicated to the community via a tweet from the official Fortnite account.

Alongside the announcement and to commemorate Season 5’s final days, Epic is offering a mammoth 400% XP boost per match from now until September 24th at 12pm GMT, 8am ET, and 8pm HKT. Epic’s generous offering should help tick off those lingering Battle Pass rewards if you’ve been slacking in the past few weeks.

As for what Fortnite Season 6 is all about, we know for certain it revolves around the mysterious glyph producing cube tracing a path towards loot lake. It finally arrived at its destination last week, where it merged in a flurry of theatrics with the calm waters like a bath bomb to create a colossal purple jelly-like trampoline draped across the whole surface of the lake.

Fortnite Season 6 Starts This Thursday September 27th

If you’ve yet to take a sightseeing detour to check out the fresh changes, we highly recommend it if only for the chance to bounce across the lake, which was previously a somewhat shunned portion of the map.

Beyond the cube, theory crafting has reached fever pitch with the community conjuring up a fare share of wild speculative scenarios from a mirror world where the sinister opposite of everything is reflected into reality, to volcanic activity shifting the lay of the land.

As we enter Fortnite Season 6, Epic’s mastery of fluid map-based storytelling is clear for all to see and we fully expect this week’s events to be just as riveting as the rift debacle from Season 5. Bring September 27th.

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