Git Gud With This Rainbow Six Siege Operator Clash Guide

We introduced you the Attacking Operator of Rainbow Six SiegeMaverick, who debuted in the latest expansion Operation Grim Sky (Season 3 of Year 3), how about the Defending one? It is Clash, a female Operator. Her unique gadget is a special shield and unlike all other shields in-game, it can deal AOE damage. Ooooh saweet.

1. Clash’s capabilities

Clash is a Heavy Armored Operator with 3/3 Armor Rating and 1/3 Speed Rating. She is geared with unique gadget Crowd Control Electro Shield (CCE Shield), a shield and also a weapon. Upon being activated, the shield will expand and cover all around Clash including her head (left, right and above).

CCE Shield is the only shield that can deal damage in Rainbow Six Siege. The shield generates electricity in the area in front of it. Attacking Operators in the area of about 12m around CCE Shield would take damage, lose 3HP per second and would be slowed down. It can electrocute multiple targets at the same time.

This shield is capable of generating electricity constantly for 5 seconds then stops for a while to recharge. If Clash still holds the shield while it’s recharging, she will be at a disadvantage. So try not to let the enemies know that, back up to get out of enemies’ sight and get ready with Clash’s SPSMG9.


Quite similar to the Extendable Shield Le Roc of Motagne, CCE Shield protects Clash against enemies’ [regular] bullets. Ash’s explosive Breach Round would not be able to penetrate or destroy the shield when fired directly at it and can cost Clash 40 to 50 HP if only it lands behind the shield. For impact ammunition like Impact Grenades of Zofia, it can deal direct damage (8-10HP) upon contacting the shield and explode.

There are certain ways to counter Clash, especially in close range. A hit with Sledge’s Tactical Breaching Hammer would knock back the shield and reveal Clash. Zofia’s Concussion Grenade can do the same too, and that’s when Clash is vulnerable to all kinds of firearms.

Thatcher is able to disable CCE Shield’s offensive ability with his EMP grenades in 10-11 seconds and maybe bit more time to recharge in case CCE Shield had used some of its energy before being hit by an EMP grenade.

IQ can detect Clash with Electronics Detector gadget while CCE Shield is generating electricity.

Asphyxiating Bolts of Capitão should be what Clash fears the most. Asphyxiating Bolts deal 15 damage every 1/2 second. A bolt landed close enough to Clash would force her to make a move or stay and constantly take damage. Clash’s speed is really low so Capitão can really exploit it.

Remember that CCE Shield’s electricity would only affect enemy Operators, not their drones or explosive devices and some other gadgets. The electricity generated by CCE Shield could not stop such things like Yokai’s ultrasonic blast.


2. What makes Clash stand out in Rainbow Six Siege

Everyone’s first impression of Clash is that she looks like a counterpart Montagne on Defending side. But in fact, it’s only the shield that make them look alike.

Different from Montagne’s shield, CCE Shield of Clash doesn’t block her line of sight so she is able to know the situation from behind the shield. That makes it become a portable version of Black Mirror which allows Clash to go around and scout.

The shield does not require player to hold a button to activate it but Clash would not be able to perform melee attacks while using the shield and can’t do anything more than scouting if she goes alone. Hence, it is recommened to know …

3. Clash’s synergies

Any roamer should be a good match for Clash to cover her and vice versa. But to really name some, Caveira and Ela are the best in this case to get the most out of Clash’s capabilities.

Clash can lure or push enemy Operator to a trap where Ela’s Grzmot Mine is planted. With Caveira, while she is “Interrogating” downed target, Clash can cover them all with CCE Shield.

4. Advanced tactics

Teaming up with Mira, once Black Mirror is destroyed, Clash may quickly use CCE Shield to cover the hole left on the wall to give her teammates enough of time to come up with a new tactic.

In a similar way, CCE Shield can be used to cover small holes created by Hibana or Maverick but the ones created by Thermite maybe a bit too big for Clash to cover completely. Remember not to stand too close to holes as enemies can approach and hit you with melee attacks.

Clash can minimize the damage she has to take from a Claymore planted below a window by jumping back out of the window instantly and put the shield back to her back. When the Claymore explodes right after that, Clash would lose about 30 to 40 HP, much less than normal.

Other than the unique gadget, Clash has other 2 gadgets: Impact Grenade and Barbed Wire, you can choose to use either of them. I personally like Barbed Wire more as it can be planted at choke points to make a great combo with CCE Shield that slows down enemies while also deals a significant amount of damage.

Another thing you can do with Clash’s CCE Shield is using it to block anyone trying to access the building via a window with ropes. Facing Attacking Operators with shields, you can try to keep distance by backing up when they push while constantly dealing damage.

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