11 DrDisRespect Outrageous Moments

11 DrDisRespect Outrageous Moments

The man, the myth, the legend. Love him or hate him, DrDisRespect is among the most entertaining streamers on Twitch, partly due to his irreverent style and a carefully crafted persona matched with the high production value of his streams. That being said, he’s hot headed and impulsive, leading to a library of outrageous moments. We’ve picked the eleven best DrDisRespect outrageous moments.

1. When DrDisRespect Broke Twitch

After a pause from the streaming platform following the on-stream revelation that he had been unfaithful to his wife and needed time to focus on his family, the Doc made a triumphant return to Twitch in February of this year, and quite literally broke the platform. Across the site, users encountered loading data errors and were unable to switch channels, while the Doc himself was unable to stream at the set time due to Twitch effectively crashing under the increased traffic. Once it got going, the stream attracted just shy of 390,000 viewers only just missing out on the record set by Tyler1’s big comeback stream a month before.

2. One Bullet Double Kill Rush

Call it pure luck or absolute skill, DrDisRespect dives into a 2v1 confrontation with one bullet in the chamber of his M16 and comes out on top. After driving through a dilapidated barn, he jumps out of a car, head shots a prone enemy, before punching the second to death. All with the signature nonchalance we’ve come to know and love. Most other players would cower away, but it ain’t no thing for the Doc.


3. DrDisRespect Uninstalls PUBG

In a fit of rage at the issues those of us who are well accustomed with PUBG are all too familiar with, the Doc has had enough and navigates to Steam to quite simply uninstall the game. His love-hate relationship with the BR title means he of course reinstalled it and continued playing. But for a few moments, it seemed like the game that made him famous was to be sidelined for good.

4. 360 No Scope Shotgun Kill


Regardless of your feelings about the man, you can’t question his ability. Case in point, a 360 no scope trick shot with none other than a shotgun. All this in PUBG nonetheless. He’s showing off and seriously cocky, but when it’s this good how can we hold it against him.

5. DrDisRespect Feels It A Bit Too Much

You can’t  make this stuff up. Accompanied by his now trademark backing track of 80’s inspired tunes dripping with synths tones and massive snares, DrDisRespect dives into a match of PUBG, pumped and ready for action, head nodding hypnotically to the music. Just as the momentum of the song picks up and the beat drops, his parachute gets caught in a tree and he unceremoniously dies. Comic timing at its best and a now classic DrDisRespect moment.

6. DrDisRespect Kills Teammate and Gets Banned From PUBG

Though PUBG is DrDisRespect’s game of choice, to say he has a tense relationship with the BR title and its creator Brendan Greene is putting it mildly. It all culminated when he killed one of his teammates during a match to make room for the three remaining members of his squad on a motorbike. Minutes later he attempts to relog into the PUBG launcher, only to realize

he’s been banned. Swift vengeance and as Brendan Greene succinctly put it at the time ‘If you break the rules in @PUBATTLEGROUNDS… no matter who you are… you’re gonna have a bad time!’ What followed was a heated exchange on Twitter between the two with the Doc threatening to roundhouse kick Greene to the neck.

7. $100 Dollar Head Shot Bet With Shroud

Egged on by Shroud and the promise of a $100 reward, DrDisRespect aims a deft shot over a ridiculously long distance in PUBG, all worsened by rainy conditions and a jittery target. It takes a few tries, but when it finally hits his joyous reaction says it all. A pure masterclass in sheer skill and precision, possibly a bit of luck thrown in for good measure as well.

8. Shots Fired At His Home


In what was one of the handful of times he broke character, DrDisRespect’s real-world home was shot at during a live stream. The chilling footage shows him switch from his Twitch persona to a genuinely rattled human fearful for his family’s well being, even removing his infamous sunglasses and mullet wig. Understandably, he quickly shuts down the stream, but not before venting his anger and revealing it was the second time his home had been shot at in two days.

9. The Business Offer

A viewer intent on delivering a business offer to DrDisRespect opts to donate to the stream to convey a message asking about the best way to get in contact. The Doc’s response is, well, childish and outrageous, to say the least, but somehow commensurate. With big time sponsors like Gillette and Old Spice backing him up, he simply doesn’t have time for small fry.

10. I Didn’t Buy Your Container


When a random duo squad teammate informs the Doc that he bought Shroud’s container skins, but not his, DrDisRespect doesn’t take too kindly to the news and decides that the best course of action is to leave the game. Obviously hurt by the admission, the Doc jumps into a little ditty mercilessly making fun of the poor guy. The Doc is definitely a proud guy and it’s hard to tell whether his affronted response is merely part of the theatrics of his stream or him being genuinely upset.

11. Gillette The Best A Man Can Get

The long-running Gillette/DrDisRespect meme is well known and it came as no surprise when he got his own theme song centered around the tagline ‘Gillette, the best a man can get’. However, viewers were in for a surprise when he incorporated it into a semi-improvised intro with comb licking, 80s movie chair swivel, and the oddest dancing we’ve ever seen.

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