Nintendo Offering In-Game Exclusives For Switch Online Subscribers

In a bid to further entice players to subscribe to their new Switch Online service, Nintendo is offering special in-game exclusives to sweeten the deal!

IGN has reported that gamers who sign up for the 12-month subscription of Nintendo Switch Online will receive exclusive cosmetic items for Splatoon 2. These will include an Online Jersey and Online Squidkid V Shoes which you can see below.

Image Source: IGN

If you sign up for the 12-month subscription, you’ll get online codes allowing you to access this special content. For those of you hoping to get something special for the whole family, Nintendo’s got you covered – family account holders will get a total of 8 codes!

According to IGN, these perks will be distributed to subscribers at the beginning of October via email.

If you’ve done any reading on Nintendo Switch Online, you’ve probably found that the service is pretty expansive and has more than a fair share of odd quirks. If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not the service is right for you, check out our write-up on some of the fine-print details that you may have missed right here.

Nintendo Switch Online is set to go live within the next 24 hours. Make sure you know all the important details of the service before making your move.


Featured Image Source: CNET

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