Weekly Trailer Round-Up: S.O.N, Yumori Forest & More

Weekly Trailer Round-Up: S.O.N, Yumori Forest & More

Hello again, back with the crème de la crème of trailers from the past week. We could have quite easily dedicated this one to Nintendo’s gargantuan sized Direct reveal marathon, but we’ve have limited it to one entry because, you know, Animal Crossing. Instead, we’ve done some digging and uncovered a game about a ship mysteriously returning to dock without a crew, fresh Just Cause 4 goodness, and more.

Just Cause 4

Starting off Avalanche’s spotlight series dedicated to Just Cause 4, this trailer dives into the biomes Rico is set to rampage through. Deserts, rainforests, snow-capped mountains, and of course tornadoes make an appearance. Just Cause is known for seriously expansive maps, but this time around the developers have taken things a step further. Just Cause 4

looks to be immersive and absolutely huge.

Return of the Obra Dinn

From the guys behind Papers, Please comes a monochromatic detective insurance adventure as you have to get to the bottom of what exactly happened to the fateful Obra Dinn. Returning to dock with ripped sails and bodies strewn across the bow, no one knows exactly what went down. With a cool time traveling pocket watch mechanic to aid you in unraveling the mystery, Return of the Obra Dinn releases in 1818, which we presume is a not so clever way of saying by the end of this year.

NHL 19 Launch Trailer

Though somewhat of an exercise in self-aggrandizing with the multiple rave review quotes from various gaming outlets plastered throughout, this NHL 19 launch trailer sure hints at the best virtual representation of ice hockey yet. Having dabbled in its delights, we have to agree, NHL 19

is pretty spectacular.

S.O.N Teaser

The downright disturbing reverb packed rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is reason enough to be intrigued. S.O.N is an ‘epic psychological survival horror game’ about diving into a Pennsylvanian forest to recover your lost son. Associating neon lights with a psychological thriller isn’t your usual fare, but it seems to work in the case of S.O.N. Absolutely terrifying and we can’t wait.

Days Gone TGS Trailer


Tokyo Game Show produced another Days Gone trailer, the hotly touted roadtrip zombie shooter. By this point, it feels like Days Gone has been in development forever. It sure looks good, but the February 2019 release can’t come around soon enough.

Yumori Forest

Accompanied by a synth-bathed head-nodding soundtrack, the trailer for Yumori Forest is our indie pick of the week. Yumori Forest touts itself as a procedural generated ‘violently stylish action game’ and from we’ve seen we can’t say otherwise. Frantically paced and incredibly challenging, players take control of a lantern keeper who’s been targeted by a nefarious group of bandits. You’ll have to work with a polished combat system based on good timing against an array of well-crafted enemies. Why not?

Animal Crossing Switch

Simple really, Animal Crossing is coming to Switch. Rejoice!

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