Fanmade Fortnite Poster Illegally Mass Produced For Profit

There is a new thread on Fortnite’s subreddit quickly gaining a massive amount of attention – in less than 12 hours, it has hit nearly 10,000 upvotes! Redditor u/Thafnine, the creator of the thread, tells the story of how he just discovered that a viral Fortnite poster he created back during the Avengers/Fortnite crossover event is currently being sold for profit online by an uncountable number of people. This finding comes after Epic Games directly contacted and informed him that he should not sell his design as they alone own the rights to the characters!

Here’s a picture of Thafnine’s original poster.

Image Source: Imgur / Thafnine

Thafnine created an album on Imgur revealing a collection of several different instances of his design being sold on various platforms.

Here it is pasted onto a backpack on Taobao, one of the biggest online shopping sites in China.

Here’s another example of his design on a poster being sold on Redbubble.

Thafnine has even seen his design on a cake!

What’s most ridiculous about this entire fiasco is the fact that Epic Games hasn’t responded to any of Thafnine’s inquiries about the massive reproduction of his work. As he doesn’t own the rights to his poster, he can’t issue a DMCA takedown or take any other effective actions.

The bottom of his Imgur album includes a request for advice from the community regarding additional options he may have in this situation.

Given that the thread has reached over 500+ comments and nearly 10,000 upvotes, it surely must have drawn the attention of Epic Games. Hopefully, given the virality of the topic, they at least provide a decent response to Thafnine’s inquiries.


Featured Image Source: Express

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