Riot Games Recruits Ex Uber Exec To Help Solve Diversity Issues

According to Polygon, Riot Games is getting help from an ex-Uber executive to find solutions for their diversity issues. Weeks after Kotaku’s report on Riot’s sexist work environment

, the company released a statement with a step by step plan as to how they were planning to grow and improve upon their errors. The hiring of Frances Frei, who once advised Uber on their own diversity problems, is a sign they’re moving forward with that plan.

Frances Frei. Image Source: Recode / Adam Tow

While at Uber, Frei worked directly with CEO Travis Kalanick for a little under a year, helping to steer him towards a more inclusive corporate culture.

Riot Games seems to have alluded to her hiring late last month when they mentioned that they would be seeking the help of third party evaluators.

Third-Party Evaluation: We have engaged two leading consultants on culture change to provide us with their expertise and recommendations as we rebuild Riot’s culture. Our goal isn’t just to be good; it’s to become a leader on diversity, inclusion, and culture. We’re asking them to develop mechanisms to measure our progress and hold us accountable against this objective.


Speaking in an interview last year on her time at Uber, she noted:

“When I got here, my goal was to train and teach executives how to manage better, but it became super apparent that the training needed to go way beyond that. As soon as the executive team was calmer, I turned my attention to 3,000 managers whose jobs grew well beyond their skills, which I think was the real work.”

This sounds akin to the type of experience that she might encounter at Riot Games. Kotaku’s report made it painfully apparent how ingrained the toxic attitude and culture was at the company – Frei will definitely have her work cut out for her.

Featured Image Source: Kotaku

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