Virtual Blizzcon Ticket Holders Get Exclusive Demon Hunter Sombra Skin

Blizzcon 2018 is on November 2-3, so we’re just a little under 2 months away from getting the latest updates from the popular developer of Overwatch, Warcraft, and a ton of other great series. Blizzard just made some big announcements to help promote their Blizzcon “virtual ticket” – all ticket purchasers will be receiving an exclusive legendary Demon Hunter Sombra skin for Overwatch!

Blizzard likes to give away something special to all fans who make it out to Blizzcon or purchase the virtual ticket. Last year, they gave away a pretty awesome Blizzcon-themed Winston skin.

The Blizzard colors really look good on Winston. Image Source: Dotesports

While the Winston skin was impressive, this year, they’ve really outdone themselves. The Demon Hunter Sombra skin might be the best legendary skin in the game and its perfect for fans of both Overwatch and Diablo!

Here’s a short trailer for the skin that was released a few hours ago.

There’s still several weeks before Blizzcon, but the skin has already been added to the game and can already be obtained by anyone who has purchased the virtual ticket.

Blizzcon virtual tickets go for $50 a piece and you can buy them from Blizzard’s official site right here.


Featured Image Source: Destructoid

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