6 Of The Best Skin Lines In League Of Legends

With the announcement of the Odyssey skins for League of Legends, we are once again reminded at how exceptional Riot’s skin team can be from time to time. It’s undeniable that League of Legends has some amazing-looking skins so we are taking a look at some of our favorite skin lines in the game.

Note that skin lines are basically skin themes that are shared between champions and often, but not always, get reused for new skins every now and then. This list will not feature individual skins for individual champions.

Pool Party

Let’s start off with a strong one, the Pool Party skins. This skin line actually got started with only a single champion and that was Ziggs. He received a pool party skin but it was so popular within the community that people started drawing tons of fan creations. It didn’t take long for Riot to capitalize on the success of the Pool Party skin and now we can expect a fresh batch of Pool Party skins every summer.


High Noon

The High Noon skins for Lucian, Thresh, and Urgot made waves in the community due to the original way that they were teased. Random people got emails with threats from either High Noon Lucian, Thresh, or Urgot. This hype, coupled with extremely good looking skins, has revived the High Noon theme that had become obsolete due to other amazing skins over the years.

Arcade/Battle Boss

The Arcade and Battle Boss skins are simply amazing due to their high quality and nostalgic feeling. The champions that are featured are given a lovely retro feeling with pixelated visuals and 8-bit sound effects. The best part of the skins, however, is that they feature a protagonist versus antagonist theme. The Arcade skins are for the protagonist whereas the Battle Boss skins are for the antagonists.


Dark Star

There are quite a few space-themed skins that could take this place on this list but personally, I feel that the Dark Star skins are the best ones. They exemplify the vastness of space and the creepy and destructive entities that could be lurking out there. However, the Dark Star counterpart, the Cosmic skin line is also an amazing-looking skin line and certainly deserves an honorable mention.


The project skins are, without a doubt, some of the most popular skins within the League of Legends community. I wouldn’t be surprised if every League player owned at least one of these skins, but who could blame them, these futuristic skins are some of the best in the game. Originally, only Master Yi had a Project skin but the concept was simply too good to not utilize on more champions.

Snowdown Showdown

Although not unified under one name, these skins are all centered around 1 theme and that is Christmas. These skins are usually released somewhere in December and always feature different elements and aesthetics of Christmas, New Year’s, or just snow and ice. The skins also look extremely good and every year all League players are excitedly awaiting which champions will receive a lovely Christmas skin.


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