League Of Legends Preseason 9: Get Prepared For Big S9 Changes

The 9th season of League Of Legends isn’t here yet, but that shouldn’t stop us from looking at its preseason phase to get to know about the changes.

1 – Turrets

There have been important changes made to turrets in League of Legends. In LOL S9, turrets will start out every match with 5 layers of shield which wear off at 10-minute marks. Enemy champions that want to take down a shielded turret have to destroy all of the shields first. Taking down the shields will give you gold.

Turrets’ damage is also buffed, so it is logical to expect to see much less tower diving than we do now.

2 – Runes

With these changes on the rune system, Riot must be expecting to see more diverse rune uses. In the upcoming season, players will see more of runes’ impact in game.

Two types of bonus stats champions get from runes at the moment:

  • Offensive: AD, AP, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction
  • Defensive: Armor, Magic Resist, HP, Health Regeneration

3 – Minions

It is believed that Riot want the minions to appear sooner (30-40 seconds) in game. This might affect jungle stealing set ups at the beginning of the matches but League community doesn’t seem to be upset over this change. Maybe they don’t want to waste those 30 seconds as well.

Besides, melee minions and catapults’ HP would be increased in mid and late game. This change could be in favor of either side that knows how to make use of it.

4 – Clash tournament system

The long awaited biweekly tournament system Clash is finally confirmed to be featured in game soon. We really hope Clash would breathe new life into the competitive scene of League of Legends


5 – Ranked play

There are some positive changes to be made to ranking system of ranked solo queue:

Previously, you can only know your rank tier after finishing the first 10 ranked games. Now things are going to be much different in season 9. Though there still are the 10 calibration matches, you will only have to play one ranked match to reveal the [temporary] rank tier. You then proceed to play the remaining 9 matches to decide the final rank tier. You can get more points by winning while losing would not take away any point.

Another change to ranked play is that the matchmaking system now allows you to choose role you prefer playing as beforehand and then find you an exact match that needs that role. In the end, the system will score your performance basing on the role you chose.

Last but not least, Riot is going to introduce two new rank tiers and also remove division 5 of each tier in an attempt to narrow down the skill difference between tiers.

6 – For beginners

Starting season 9, there will be an in-depth built-in tutorial system for beginners. New players can choose to let this system suggest items to buy or even automatically buy items while busy getting acquainted with other mechanics.

Champions will be rewarded to new players too, for them to have an easier start with a bigger champion pool to pick from.

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