The Sad Story Of Spider-Man Wedding Proposal Easter Egg

According to Kotaku, the new Spider-Man game apparently features a marriage proposal Easter egg that didn’t have a happy ending. Here’s how the story went.

Several months ago, Tyler Schultz messaged Spider-Man developer, Insomniac Games, about putting a marriage proposal in-game for his then-girlfriend, Maddie.

Insomniac Games actually responded to his request and there was a back and forth exchange between the two.

Schultz ended up getting his wish and his Easter egg message appeared in the game outside a movie theater!

Image Source: Tyler Schultz via YouTube

Kotaku reached out to Schultz to ask him how the experience of working with Insomniac Games went. He responded saying, “I presented the idea of what I wanted and we shared quite a few themes from there. It was really cool and the guy was really nice.”


Unfortunately, despite all of the effort, it turns out that the story didn’t have the happy ending Schultz was expecting. Weeks before the game’s release, Maddie ended up breaking up with him.

In a since deleted YouTube video, Schultz describes how after a 5 year relationship, Maddie broke up with him and decided to start dating his brother!

Upon hearing the story, Jacinda Chew, the art director at Insomniac Games, tweeted to Schultz offering to change the sign to something else.

Despite the break-up, Schultz seemed to be in good humor saying:

While originally not wanting to change the sign, Schultz later had a change of heart and messaged Jacinda requesting to modify the sign to something that would be a shoutout to his recently deceased grandma – the person who first got him into Spider-Man.

While Insomniac Gaming hasn’t provided a response regarding this yet, it’s highly likely they will release an update to the sign in a future patch. Seems like we’ll all just have to swing by later to see what the sign is changed to.


Featured Image Source: Gamespot

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