Top 5 Goalkeepers In Season 17 Of Fifa Online 4

Goalkeeper is a key role in every team and the same thing applies to Fifa Online 4. In Fifa Online 4, goalkeepers have decent AI, seldom make clumsy mistakes. Like in real life, there definitely are some goalkeepers that are better than the others.

1. Thibaut Courtois

In real life, Courtois might be not as highly regarded as Van der Sar, Neuer or Buffon, but in Fifa Online 4, the story is different. In the game, Courtois is very good at stopping ZD shots. With long arm stretch, swift reaction and good positioning, ZD shots by any other player is not a huge problem to Courtois.

As a pre-programmed feature, Courtois tends to actively move to stop the long passes rather than waiting for the shots in front of the goalpost.

Besides, Courtois is also good at stopping long shots, headers and have a good record of stopping penalties. Courtois can basically carry his team through hard matches single-handedly.


However, the Belgian goalkeeper is weak against low driven shots.

Hidden perks

  • Long throws
  • Stop long passes

2. David De Gea

The Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea is getting better day by day regardless of his performance last World Cup. In Fifa Online 4, De Gea is another giant in front of the goalpost.

De Gea is in possession of very good reaction and jumping techniques. Having him in the team sometimes makes you feel really confidently going into the match. He has initial reaction stat of 85. Like how he did in Manchester United, in Fifa Online 4, he often makes incredible saves to secure the win for his team.

De Gea is 193cm tall, his saving stat is not so high (79) so we might see he punch balls more often. This is like a a two-bladed knife when he punches the ball away and it comes to opposing team players.

Another weak point of De Gea is that he seems to be slow and indecisive in clearing the balls away. So in some cases you might want to manually control De Gea.

Hidden perks

  • Long throws

3. Manuel Neuer

Neuer is a commonly called a “Sweeper-keeper” for his unique playstyle and skills: excellent saving, precise long balls, quick reaction …. Neuer is 193cm tall and weighs 92kg, a perfect form for a goalkeeper.

Long before Fifa Online 4, in Fifa Online 3, Neuer was a favorite goalkeeper in 14T, WC10, WB cards. Now in Fifa Online 4

, he is among the top goalkeepers of Season 17 cards.

In game, Neuer seldom punches balls away except for the really strong shots. He is good at blocking ZD shots too thanks to the long arm stretch. Neuer’s speed allows him to react to through balls more efficiently than other goalkeepers do.

Among top goalkeepers of season 17 in Fifa Online 4, Neuer is the one with the best goal kicks. His goal kicking stat is 88.

Hidden perks

  • Long throws
  • 1 on 1
  • Sweeper keeper
  • Stop long passes

4. Jack Butland

In season 17 of Fifa Online 4, Butland is the most unpredictable goalkeeper.

Overall stats of Butland is only 74 and not a single stat is even 80 and above. Fifa Online 4 players would not choose this goalkeeper solely base on his stats. But in fact, Butland performs much better than what his stats show. He is a good goalkeeper with great reactions, jump saves and has been seen saving incredible goals.

Jack Butland is 195cm tall, weighs 95kg. He looks like a really big guy with long arm stretch and is able to block ZD shots at ease.

Butland’s weakest point is that he can’t deliver goal kicks properly. This is not so important but to someone that needs a perfect goalkeeper, Jack Butland is not there yet.

Hidden perks

  • Stop long passes
  • Leadership

5. Ralf Fährmann

Fährmann is a German goalkeeper and is playing for Schalke 04. In Fifa Online 3, Fährmann is almost unknown but now in Fifa Online 4, you might want to get him over many other goalkeepers.

Ralf Fährmann is good in blocking headers thanks to his perks you can see below. He has the same weak point as Butland’s, his goal kicks are not good enough.

Though being not perfect but considering all other factors, Fährmann is absolutely deserve to be named on this list.

Hidden perks

  • Join corner kicks
  • Punch balls away
  • Stop long passes

Apart from the famed goalkeepers Courtois, De Gea and Neuer, we see two new faces this season of Fifa Online 4, Butland and Fährmann. If you want to suggest any other rising star, please leave us a comment below!

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