Nintendo Direct Delayed Due To Powerful Hokkaido Earthquake

Although it was only just announced that we would receive a 35-minute long Nintendo Direct later today that plan has already been changed. Due to a powerful earthquake that occurred today in Hokkaido the Nintendo Direct that was planned to be released today has been delayed with no new date announced yet.

The earthquake that shook the northern regions of Japan took place earlier today and has caused massive landslides. The earthquake has cost Japan numerous lives and, according to CNN, nearly 3 million households have lost power. This is one of many tragic natural disasters that has struck Japan this summer and will definitely leave its mark upon the country.


Although Nintendo has most likely not been directly affected by the earthquake, it’s understandable that Nintendo has decided to delay the broadcast of the Nintendo Direct. Such natural disasters affect the entire country and the population of Japan is probably not in a state to celebrate the release of a new Nintendo Direct.

Today’s Nintendo Direct was supposed to be a 35-minute presentation although it was still unknown what the Nintendo Direct would actually cover. One of our writers predicted the Direct to be about Super Mario Party as its release date is coming up quite quickly. For now, all we can do is wait until Nintendo announces a new date and time for the Nintendo Direct.

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