Top 5 LoL Champions That Can Strike First In Early Game

In every League of Legends match, it’s only a matter of time when a first blood is finally taken. Picking strong champions will give you advantage early. As a result, you have more chances to draw first blood from enemy team sooner than usual.

1. Top lane – Pantheon

Pantheon might have disappeared in pro scene but he is still very popular in ranked solo queue. He is the strongest top lane champion with great early game potential, so it is not strange to see him often get first blood.

Pantheon’s Grand Skyfall (R) is a very good ganking ability so you might want to equip him with Ignite to suppress enemy top lane champion from the beginning. By doing that you will reach Level 6 faster than enemy does and can start ganking other lanes sooner. With Ignite, Pantheon is able to harass enemy champions from Level 1 using his Q – Spear Shot. Activating E – Heartseeker Strike allows Pantheon to always crit below 15% HP enemies.


It is recommended that you get Corrupting Potion  first to boost damage of Pantheon’s abilities and to have more mana regeneration as well. Prioritize leveling up Q to harass enemies more efficiently and to distance them from your minion waves.

2. Jungle – Camille

Camille used to be a hot pick for top lane but now she is more popular as a jungle champion with very high chance to score first bloods for herself. Camille’s kit allows her to gank early at Level 2, when enemy jungle champion is still farming. She can stun, quickly approach her target by dashing with Hookshot (E).

Playing as Camille, when red buff is available, try to get it before ganking top or mid. Make use of E, Flash, along with the red buff and teammate’s assist and the kills should be in the bag.

3. Mid lane – Talon

This list would be a bit strange without any assassin on it, right? Talon is the one to be mentioned.

At the beginning, Talon should be able to go head on with his opponent in mid lane. If enemy mid champion is a mage, things are much easier for Talon. Use Talon’s Q (Noxian Diplomacy) regularly to scare away, constantly disrupt his opponent’s farming. Talon’s popular combo: Use W (Rake) then Q to get to the target, attack with Ignite and normal attacks. Don’t forget that the daggers from Talon’s W would return to him after being sent out and would deal extra damage to units hit.


4. Marksman – Draven

Obviously Draven, as a marksman, would not miss out on this list. With his Q on, Draven has the most lethal normal attacks among all ADC. If Draven successfully catches his axe after launching it to the air, his next attack will deal bonus physical damage. Draven can have two axes at once. Being hit by any of these attacks would not be comfortable at all.

Currently, there are many runes available like Conqueror or Press The Attack that can maximize Draven’s normal attacking capability. You can keep enemies at bay with the axes and if you’re lucky and have some support, you may pick up some kills too. Use E – Stand Aside to slow down targets and W – Blood Rush to chase them down when needed.

5. Support – Thresh

Thresh can have so much impact on a match as a support. Among all support champions, he is the one that tend to pick up first bloods most at ease. Thresh is a real threat in every gank with his Death Sentence (Q).

Thresh’s common combo: Suddenly initiate a fight with Dark Passage (W) or Flay (E) + Q to land a precise pull. What comes next should be an easy kill.

You should time approximately when you would reach Level 2 to make a combo with Death Sentence and surprise enemies. If you are not confident with the pull, approach then use E to knock the target(s) first before using Q. Thresh’s damage is quite high in early game so don’t hesitate using Ignite to get early kills for ADC.

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