Easy Arena Of Valor Heroes To Pick Up And Play… And Win

Heroes that are both defensively and offensively strong are quite rare in Arena of Valor. They are not hard to learn and play, can be a late game carry and hence, they are loved by many players.

These heroes used to be very popular in ranked when they were first introduced to the game and, to this date, still used by many players.


Preyta is famous for being able to snipe the Abyssal Dragon precisely. Preyta’s damage can be up to 300% upon fully charged. In Disciple of the Plague state, Preyta is a marksman with very high magic damage.


Preyta can also defend towers against enemy team with Poison Gas Bomb. Without ranged heroes to push, enemy team would have a hard time fighting against Poison Gas Bomb. In mid game or even late game, damage caused by Poison Gas Bomb can easily put down Joker or some other marksman heroes.


Maloch is a highly regarded hero and is favored by many pro players. Maloch is in possession of true damage and can effectively defend towers. A push with only 2 heroes would not be enough to fend off Maloch.

Offensive-wise, Maloch is strong in every stage of the game. With Maloch, your team can steal jungle early on thanks to his kit and stats. Also, remember that true damage is a good “weapon” against tanky heroes so it is wise to use Maloch against a team with many tankers.


Maloch’s position is on the front line and he is able to carry his team.


No obstacle can really stop Chaugnar. Stop Chaugnar early or he’s capable of tearing down your team down in mid-late game. Chaugnar is often used to cover marksman heroes but is considered the most aggressive hero.

Chaugnar slows enemy to attack/defend at first and then run over them. If his teammates can stand on their own, Chaugnar should go full magic damage to maximize the damage output.


Violet is able to clear minions by one single skill. Both early and late game is Violet’s game and she can also have a big impact on team fights even when your team is losing if you can get her into the fray. Violet would punishes those who aren’t paying attention.

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