Enterprising Young Gamer Makes Money Paying Others To Play

According to an article on Metro, an entrepreneurial gamer, 28 year old James Hunt from the UK, has started a business called HYPD paying other gamers to play their favorite games for him! Hunt has setup an office fully equipped with a professional recording studio, where his team can come on to stream some of today’s most popular games. He has some pretty high expectations for this venture, hoping to make big money. So far, it seems like he’s on the right track given he’s made £

1,000,000 last year!

James Hunt, owner of HYPD. Image Source: Metro

How did he make so much money from streaming games? Here’s Hunt’s take on this question:

“There are quite a few revenue streams for us. Sometimes a brand will come to us and say ‘we need a million views on this video within a week’ and then we’ll charge it depending on where and who it wants to target. Another way is platforms, like Facebook, paying us monthly per video view we get. We’ll also launch a gaming store, which will sell merchandise.”


Currently, Hunt is paying his part-timer gamers £8 (~10 USD) an hour to stream Fortnite and Fifa on Twitch. His team has hit 8 members and continues to grow. He notes, “So far, nobody’s told me that they don’t like coming into work. They don’t have that Monday morning feeling here.” Who wouldn’t enjoy making a decent bit of money for simply playing their favorite games for a couple of hours?

Hunt believes that his team of gamers has what it takes to make HYPD one of the top 5 most-viewed gaming platforms out there. He’s done his numbers and in order to accomplish this goal, he’d need to average about 5 million unique visitors a day – a number he’s confident he can reach within the next 4 or 5 months.


Featured Image Source: YouTube

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