People Are Not Happy With Fortnite Switch Port

A post on the Fortnite subreddit on Monday detailing the many problems of the Switch port, has since exploded with over 3 thousand upvotes. The post, created by u/DoctorSqueeze, goes into lengthy detail about multiple issues that he and other Switch players have encountered while playing Fortnite. Hundreds of commenters also described how his topic reflected their exact experience as well. After reading through the list and numerous other complaints in the comments section, it almost felt like I was reading a post about PUBG!

Most of the issues DoctorSqueeze describes are performance and optimization problems. Some of them are shockingly bad. Take a look at what happens when you land in an area where there are too many other players.

While that seems pretty awful, at least the slow loading times didn’t result in his death.

Some other players experiencing similar performance issues weren’t so lucky. Here is a video of a guy suffering from freezing frames as soon as he lands.

Frames freezing resulting in you literally walking off the side of a building to your death? Can’t imagine how infuriating that must be.

Probably the best example of the horrible optimization of the Switch port of Fortnite is this clip, which shows a guy completely by himself still experiencing the same screen freezing.

There’s literally nothing happening there and yet it continues to stutter and freeze up randomly.

DoctorSqueeze points out that these issues were not present at the game’s Switch launch, and have only started appearing with later updates. He believes that each subsequent patch makes the problems even worse, and along with other players in the thread, have called on Epic Games to make serious fixes for the game.

At this point, no Epic representative has commented in the thread, but considering that they’re usually very active on the Fortnite subreddit, it’s probably only a matter of time before someone pops in to give an official response. Hopefully these issues can be fixed ASAP so Switch Fortnite players can get back to enjoying the game that it was meant to be.


Featured Image Source: Wccftech

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