Nintendo Reveals A Large Variety Of Indie Games Coming To The Switch

It’s a great day to be a Nintendo fan as a big batch of indie titles has just been announced for the Nintendo Switch, through a Nindies Showcase video. Nindies is, of course, a combination between Nintendo and indies. Since there is such a large variety of games coming to the Switch, there is bound to be one for everyone.

The first famous indie game that was announced during the stream is Hyper Light Drifter. This 2D action RPG is a game that everyone must try as it combines fluid combat with jaw-dropping environments. Everything you see in the game is hand-drawn pixel art and you should definitely give the game a try just for the art alone. The only downside of the game is that you actually have to go out of your way to figure out the story by exploring every inch of the map. While this is an interesting concept at first, it gets tiring pretty quickly.


The next highlight is Towerfall Ascension. It’s easiest to describe this game as a 2D Super Smash Bros with different characters although that wouldn’t really do the game justice. The game has some unique mechanics and features wholly original fighters and levels making the entire game quite different than just a Smash clone. Although the single player is a bit lacking the game is perfect for some fun with friends and family. Madeline from Celeste will also be featured in the game when it releases on the Switch as Towerfall Ascension and Celeste are from the same developer.


Another really successful indie game that will become part of the Nintendo Switch collection is Into The Breach. This strategical roguelite tests your skills in critical thinking and tactical decision making. You are in command of a group of 3 unique mechs and tasks with taking down a hostile race called the Vek. Failure will put you back to the start, making for a game that is essentially endless. All you require is the stamina to keep playing when you make mistake after mistake. The game is relentless but also extremely rewarding.

Lastly, another game that has been making the headlines is Untitled Goose Game. In this hilarious game, you are playing as a goose who is tasked to bring chaos to a peaceful village and its villagers.  Steal belongings, annoy them with quacking, and run away when they are chasing you. This looks like dumb fun and we can’t wait to play it.

This is not all that Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase has revealed though as they showed a bunch more. If you want to see the full library that is coming to the Nintendo Switch you can watch the full stream below.

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