This Fan-Made Chrono Trigger Sequel Trailer Is Exactly What We Want

Sometimes you see something so amazing that you instantly want it, despite knowing that it’s not real. That is the feeling that I, and many others in the gaming community, instantly got from seeing this fan-made Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross sequel trailer.

Although the trailer is made by a fan and is definitely not an official trailer, simply calling it fan-made is kind of unfair. That is because it was created by Simon Stafsnes who is the creator of Owlboy, a pixel-art video that is so extraordinarily beautiful that it’s easy to forget to breathe while playing the game. This is probably why his rendition of a new Chrono Trigger game actually looks amazing and something that gamers all over the world instantly want.

In the YouTube description of the trailer, Simon explains that he has been creating mock-up trailers for many years now but that this was definitely the largest project that he has done so far. According to him, he likes to take the original concept of video games but see where he can take it. He also says that it took him a year just to figure out how to make it look. The trailer even features a soundtrack composed by Jonathan Geer, who also did the soundtrack for Owlboy.

This is pretty much the Chrono Trigger or Chono Cross sequel that fans have been waiting for, apart from the fact that it’s not a real game. Simon did a fantastic job capturing the mystique and sense of adventure from the original games while giving everything a shiny new coat of paint. He also accomplishes this entire feat in about 1 minute, which is honestly really impressive.

Unfortunately, the only thing that we can do is hope that Square Enix listens to the fans and actually publishes a new game in the Chrono series. Although a sequel to Chrono Cross, called Chrono Break, was originally trademarked in 2001, no further news followed and the trademark was dropped in 2003, marking the end of the series for now.

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