5 Top Indie Newcomers From Gamescom 2018

5 Top Indie Newcomers From Gamescom 2018

Ape Out

Set to a soundtrack of crazed jazz drumming prowess, Ape Out sees players take on the role of a rampaging primate, in this particular case a gorilla of some description with superior strength and the ability to weather bullet wounds largely unperturbed. Ape Out describes itself as a ‘a wildly intense and colorfully stylized smash ‘em up about primal escape, rhythmic violence, and frenetic jazz’. The concept is original to say the least and upon viewing the trailer it becomes clear our dear ape is endowed with a set of interesting abilities. Among these, he can grab an enemy and redirect gunfire towards their unwitting brothers in arms, batter down doors to use them as shields, and forcefully punch enemies forward to decapitate others. Release is set for sometime this year.

My Memory of Us

With an entrenched story line that borrows heavily from the horrors of the Third Reich, My Memory of Us follows the story of two friends in what developer Juggler Games calls a ‘side scrolling adventure game’. At the core of the game is a tag-team mechanic whereby each of the two characters has unique attributes; she can run with incredible swiftness and he can use stealth to move around undetected. Used together, players must overcome puzzles to reveal a story about friendship and a world devastated by armed robots intent on separating them due to fabricated differences. My Memory of Us releases on October 9th for PC via Steam.


Scarf adopts a classic indie game aesthetic with an understated, yet intensely beautiful art style, underpinned by a commentary on what it means to belong. Developer Uprising Studios’ blurb touts Scarf as a ‘walking simulator and 3D platformers’, while publisher THQ Nordic doesn’t mash its words and calls it a ‘3D adventure game’. Our assigned Hero in Scarf is a cutesy white impish creature going by the name of Hyke. Sporting a rather fetching morphing red scarf (which can transform into wings or glider, build bridges, and send trees into weird convulsions), he uses it to traverse stunning worlds, figure out challenging puzzles and contend with other myriad obstacles on his path ‘through the World with the main target to meld with it and become part of the nature’. Expect Scarf late 2018 or early 2019.


5 Top Indie Newcomers From Gamescom 2018

Having been announced about a week ago, Nomada Studio’s upcoming resplendent chill platformer Gris made an appearance at Gamescom 2018 with a playable demo. As hinted in the demo, the beauty of this game can’t really be summarized adequately in words. There’s a playful flow to the game play from the movements of the character’s dress to the way platforms melt away and reappear. When mixed with the calming soundtrack and with backdrops as stunning as the next, Gris carries all the markers of a game primed to follow in the footsteps of indie monoliths in the vein of Journey and FEZ. Gris glides effortlessly onto PC and Switch in December of this year.

The Sinking City

Frogwares are the undisputed masters of crafting the best detective games, notably with the incredible series of Sherlock Holmes titles. With The Sinking City, the developer turns its attention to the world of Lovecraft to create an eerie, atmospheric open-world horror sleuth adventure. As P.I. Charles W. Reed in 1920s New England, you must get to the bottom of the supernatural ills befalling the city of Oakmont and they aren’t of the tame variety either: massive floods submerging the city, a world turned upside down where the sea has become the sky, tentacled sea creatures emerging from the depths, and a cast of inhabitants whose minds seem to have gone astray. The Sinking City launches on March 21 2019 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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