Blizzard’s Animated Short “Shooting Star” Puts D.Va In The Spotlight

Blizzard released a stunning new animated movie that finally gives the spotlight to D.Va. The short is without a doubt inspired by Pacific Rim, but instead of enormous mechs fighting towering monsters, it’s a pink bunny mech warding off some evil looking robots.

The new animated short finally gives the spotlight to D.Va who is probably one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes. Not so much for her gameplay and kit, but rather for all the personality that she brings to the game. According to the lore, is popular gamer and streamer and thus a lot of her in-game dialogue is related to gaming, which makes her an extremely likable character to all gamers that play the game. When playing as or with D.Va don’t be surprised to hear the occasional LOL or L2P popping up.

The short, however, focused on a completely different side of D.Va. Rather than focusing on the glamorous gaming and streaming life, we see the D.Va that truly cares about the safety of the city and the well-being of the citizens. She is determined to give it her all in order to ward off dangerous invasions from an evil robotic race. We see that even when she has a day off she would rather spend it tinkering and improving her mech, instead of wasting her day on living the life of a celebrity.

We also see some of her kit in action when she’s actually fighting in order to protect Busan. Blizzard has stuck relatively close to how her kit functions in the actual game which makes the whole scene a lot more believable. The only difference we saw was that she was able to detonate her mech’s self-destruct prematurely by shooting it with her gun. This could be a cool new feature for her kit but is probably just done to raise some extra tension within the animated short.

Blizzard once again proves that they are absolutely fantastic at making these animated shorts as they are spectacular every single time. Whether they make them for Overwatch, World of Warcraft, or any other IP, they are always worth a watch, even if you don’t play the game.

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