For Honor: Starter Edition Free For A Limited Amount Of Time

When For Honor first released it was met with a huge wave of hype and deservedly so. Who doesn’t love the idea of Vikings, Samurais, and Knights chopping each other up on the battlefield? The designs of the characters and factions are absolutely stunning. However, it ultimately failed due to numerous bugs and tons of connection issues plaguing the game which is especially detrimental to a game like For Honor, that relied on a snappy combat system where reaction time and outplaying the opponent were the keys to success.

Now that Ubisoft has introduced dedicated servers and managed to get most of the bugs kinked out, the game is in a pretty solid state. So in order to bring a whole bunch of new players in, and in preparation for the new expansion, Ubisoft has decided to release a free version for the game.

The free version is called For Honor: Starter Edition and it will be free for a limited amount of time. Although it’s called the starter edition none of the gameplay has been restricted. The only difference between downloading this for free and buying the full game is that you will have to unlock some of the playable characters by yourself just through playing the game and by earning “steel”, the in-game currency and that customizing characters will be more expensive.

This also isn’t one of those free weekend types of deals, if you download the For Honor started edition now it will remain in your library even after the offer ends. Since most of the game’s issues have been fixed, you might as well give it a try.

The first For Honor expansion will arrive on October 16, which is called Marching Fire. The expansion will add an entirely new faction to the game that is inspired by the Three Kingdoms era in Ancient China and will also feature a bunch of other new content. Obviously, Ubisoft is trying to get as many people to play the game before the expansion as possible. However, who are we to complain about a great game like For Honor receiving a free starter edition.

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