Round-Up Of The Biggest News From Gamescom Media Day

Round-Up Of The Biggest News From Gamescom Media Day

Gamescom doesn’t have quite the same clout as E3, but is a proven ground for developers to flog their wares with further game details and the odd surprise trailer to keep the hype train well-oiled. This year’s no different, and already on the first day developers have come out in droves with snippets of news. Here are 10 nuggets from Gamescom to get you up to speed.

Shenmue 3 Release Date

Nearly 20 years since Shenmue 2 came out, Shenmue 3 has been penciled in for release on August 27th 2019. Another whole year to wait, but at least we have a firm date. Shenmue 3’s development has dragged to say the least given it was initially announced back in 2015. The announcement was packaged in a trailer shedding light on the characters we’ll encounter which you can check out above.


PUBG Leaving Xbox One Preview

PUBG is on the cusp of leaving Xbox’s version of Early Access and become a full-fledged title on September 4th. PUBG 1.0 as its been titled will be packed with performance tweaks, the addition of the Sanhok map, and a new War Mode.

Desperados III Announcement

At what seems a seriously inopportune time to announce a western game given Red Dead Redemption 2 grabbing all the wild west themed headlines of late, Shadow Tactics developer THQ Nordic have revealed Desperados III. The tactical stealth title features a real-time mechanic where scenarios can be replayed until the optimal strategy is established and put into action. We’ll also encounter familiar faces from the series.

Man of Medan Announcement

Supermassive announced the Dark Pictures Anthology, a series of horror titles exploring various sub-genres. To start out we have Man of Medan, which chronicles the antics of a diving team that stumble across mysterious happenings in the depth of the ocean. Check out the bro-tastic trailer above.

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shore Release Date

Round-Up Of The Biggest News From Gamescom Media Day

Sea of Thieves’ next content update, dubbed Forsaken Shore, has been stamped with an official release date of September 19th. Its primed to expand the Sea of Thieves multiplayer universe with a new volcanic biome, Cargo Run quests, and rowboats perfect for ferrying loot off particularly dangerous islands.


State of Decay 2 Gets DLC

State of Decay 2 will get a new piece of content from September 12th. Called Daybreak, the DLC offers up a fresh mode where players engage in wave-based tower defense. That’s not all, as Daybreak introduces new enemies, weapons and gear to battle zombies with.

Underwhelming Cyberpunk 2077 Feature

Round-Up Of The Biggest News From Gamescom Media Day

Other than the release of few stunning screenshots, which further set the tone for Cyberpunk 2077, the game’s feature at Gamescom was the usual parade of uninspired questions and vague responses. Those hoping for something meatier like game play will be sorely disappointed. CD Projekt Red are running another of their super exclusive closed doors demo sessions with select developers and members of the press meaning we should get a bit more insight into what is probably the most hyped game around.

Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay & Release Date

It’s official, Devil May Cry 5 lands on March 8th of next year and to commemorate the announcement Capcom have conjured up a game play trailer. In keeping with the IP, it’s terrifying and fast-paced, blanketed in that unmistakable Gothic veneer. There’s 15 minutes of it to get stuck into.

Forza Horizon 4’s Halo Mission

The rumored Halo Mission is Forza Horizon 4 is real as creative director Ralph Fulton revealed actual footage of the event behind closed doors. Master Chef makes an appearance and the event is packed full of various Halo references.


Round-Up Of The Biggest News From Gamescom Media Day

NVIDIA finally unveiled the next family of next generation graphics cards. The RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti make use of real-time ray tracing technology and are a huge leap forward in comparison to the current selection of NVIDIA GPUs. Your wallet will take a hit though.

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