Ubisoft Announces New ‘The Settlers’ Game & 1-7 Re-Release

Ubisoft Announces New Eponymous ‘The Settlers’ Game & 1-7 Re-release

For you strategy buffs out there’s some good news emerging from Gamescom with Ubisoft revealing that a new The Settlers game is under development. Dubbed The Settlers, it will be the eighth entry in The Settlers 25-year history with a release date scheduled for Autumn 2019.

Ubisoft Blue Byte studio is currently working on the title and with a portfolio including Anno 2205 and the upcoming Anno 1800, The Settlers reboot seems to be in good hands and primed to make good use of Ubisoft’s proprietary Snowdrop engine.

Ubisoft’s marketing blurb sheds some light on the backstory, which is in keeping with the usual narrative tropes of previous Settlers titles. ‘Forced to leave their homelands after a devastating earthquake of mysterious origins, the settlers set sail towards the unknown in the hopes of finding a new home. Not only will they face countless new challenges, they will also become part of an ancient mystery that will change their lives forever’.

A trailer was also graciously released alongside the announcement and suggests The Settlers will follow the usual pattern of sailing to a new land; establishing a humble starting village, gathering resources, developing technologies and weapons, and expanding into a sprawling metropolis before engaging in battle with invading factions.

As a consequence of the trailer being purely cinematic, we don’t know much about features and mechanics other than the game ‘will introduce dynamic new features, including a new food system, a multi-worker job system, and alternative methods of victory’ according to a post on Ubisoft’s site.

To mark the franchise’s 25th anniversary, Ubisoft is re-releasing all seven previous titles as The Settlers History Collection. The anthology releases on November 15th of this year and each game has been ‘modernized’. We imagine this means some fairly superficial cosmetic updates and compatibility tweaks to work on modern machines.

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