8 Stand-Out Trailers From The Past Week

8 Stand-Out Trailers From The Past Week

Back again, and this week we’ve got a bunch of simulators, a big budget survival shooter, and a game about a real life nuclear submarine going missing. Here are our pick of eight trailers from the past week that are well worth a peek.

Let’s do this.

Falcon Age

Falcon age is a VR enabled action adventure game that explores the world of falconry. Of course, you won’t simply be taming predatory birds, you’ll embark on a grand journey to defeat an army of invading automatons. Falcon Age also promises resource gathering and battles as well as a rich lore.

Spirit of the North

In an atmospheric Journey-esque adventure, Spirit of the North

has you roaming the fjords and snow capped peaks of Scandinavia as a fox. Yes, a fox. How awesome is that?


Self-stylized as an ‘adventure-documentary game’, this one takes a look at the events leading up to the loss at sea of the Kursk nuclear-powered cruise-missile submarine. Nearly 120 personnel died due to a faulty dummy torpedo exploding as the crew prepared to fire it in a staged military exercise in the Barents Sea. Questions remain over exactly what happened on that fateful day. With slightly off kilter realism and splashed with early 2000s references, the game explores the disaster from a fresh perspective through a rich narrative and recreation of the bowels of the submarine itself.

Prison Simulator

We’ve got surgeon simulators, farm simulators, truck simulators so why not a prison simulator? Taking on the role of a prison guard of questionable morals and quick triggered baton, you must progress your own career by managing the less salubrious aspects of controlling a population of murderers and other criminals.


Oh this one’s pretty. Outward is an odd mixture of magic and survival elements mixed into an open world RPG. As an adventurer, you scour an untamed land littered with strange creatures in search of understanding about your own past. There’s isn’t much else to go on at the moment, but it looks intriguing to say the least.

Generation Zero

Generation Zero is Avalanche Studios leaving the comfort of its acclaimed Just Cause IP and embarking on a survival journey through an alternate reality 1980s Sweden where bloodthirsty robots have taken over. Part stealth, part all-out FPS, Generation Zero seems to be heading in an interesting direction.

Not Tonight

Not Tonight is probably the most bizarre entry we have this week. Set in post-Brexit Britain (with all the repercussions that’s going to have incorporated into the game), you’ll take on the role of bouncer vetting party goers at the entrance of various clubs. Somewhat derivative of Papers, Please, speed is of the essence in Not Tonight, mixed in with a highly politicized narrative of a society ravaged by a desire for isolation.


Aquarium management sim with all the usual tropes: staff management, construction and layout, and just generally trying keep your business afloat by keep customers happy. It will invariably be similar to other management sims, but the aquarium angle should cough up some interesting challenges and scenarios.

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