Ubisoft Reveals New Rainbow Six Siege Operators

Ubisoft Reveals New Rainbow Six Siege Operators

Amid the clamor of Six Major Paris and as promised, Ubisoft went ahead and revealed the two new operators set to integrate the world of Rainbow Six Siege when Operation Grim Sky drops.

Maverick is an attacker with stats swaying more towards speed than armor, who’s signature move is performed thanks to the Suri torch, a low noise, high powered blowtorch able to singe through any type of wall. The catch, Maverick only has so much fuel. The holes are more of the small opening variety, large enough to aim a deft shot at an unsuspecting enemy from uncommon angles, disable gadgets, scout out an advancing team’s position, or let Twitch’s drone through.

Maverick has enough fuel to create a hole just big enough to allow you through and mount a stealthy assault. However, it will take some precision burning. Spend to long on a specific point and you won’t have enough fuel to complete the hole. The short range of the Suri means Maverick is often in a compromised position so be wary of marauding enemies. Maverick can gallivant around the map equipped with either an AR-15 or M4.

Second up we have Clash, a defender with a shield which protects her entire front body. The indestructible CCE shield is ideal for flanking moves, crowd control, halting progression, and generally protecting teammates or even scouting ahead fully protected. She can choose between the P-10C or SPSMG9 as her sidearm.

To spice the shield up, a taser is attached and slows enemies in range. It runs on a timed charge so pauses between use are required to power it tup. Clash isn’t invisible though. Thatcher can disable the taser with EMPs, Capitao’s bolts can significantly slow Clash, and the lack of a melee function for the shield means she’s susceptible to being exposed in heated situations.

Operation Grim Sky has no firm release date as of right now other than during the course of September though it hits test servers today. If past releases are anything to go by, a few weeks of testing usually give way to a full release not long afterwards.

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