Inhuman Academy – Hero Introduction: Red Boy

Red Boy is a standard hero for everyone in Inhuman Academy. Red Boy controls fire and has low mobility but his targets have a really hard time getting away from him.

Red Boy

Red Boy’s abilities

Passive: Overheat

Red Boy goes wild due to the extremely high heat of the flame, gets 10% bonus attack speed in 4 seconds upon landing a successful skill shot. Can stack up to 5 times.

Skill #1: Fire Fist

Red Boy uses lands a fiery fist to deal physical damage on a single target in front of him while also decreases the target’s armor.

Skill #2: Fire Storm

Red Boy uses his inner flame to protect himself and at the same time burn enemies in the area of effect (7 times in 3 seconds), damage dealt is physical damage and based on targets’ maximum HP (percent damage).

Ultimate: Raging Fire

Red Boy swiftly moves towards his target and performs a deadly attack that deals a lot of damage and partially heals himself.

Upon awakening: Whenever Red Boy successfully uses one of his abilities to kill a target, all abilities’ cooldown will reset. This only applies to enemy heroes and jungle creeps.

To download the game, visit this link (Chinese version). If you have any question, don’t hesitate leaving a comment below.

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