Arena Of Valor Valhein: The Truth Behind AOV’s Easiest Hero To Play

Valhein is no stranger to every Arena of Valor player, this hero is well known to newbies as well as veterans. Everyone thinks about him as a hero that can quickly end any match, but is that really the case? Let’s find out.

Valhein is in possession of two types of damage

As Valhein has both physical damage and magic damage on him, it’s quite annoying to stay up against him in his lane. In early game, only a few heroes would choose to get magic resist items first.

Ranged heroes tend to dominate lanes early on thanks to the long enough attack range. With his stun available, Valhein can deal damage more efficiently and that is when his enemies should back down and stay cautious. If Valhein has a dedicated supporter from the beginning, he will be much stronger into mid and late game.

Valhein has various item builds

Having two different types of damage, there are many item builds that Valhein can get, leaning towards only magic damage or physical damage or choose items that have them both so you can have a hybrid damage Valhein. Of course, there are situtational items you should get too like items to help you become more tanky.

So is it true that Valhein can end matches really quick?

Yes, but it can go both ways. Valhein needs a lot of farming and tends to draw a lot of attention from enemy team right from the beginning. Being put under pressure constantly, Valhein would easily be underfarmed and could not do much from then on.

Valhein is a free hero, every one has him and the ones with only a few heroes available could only pick him again and again until they are bored of him. Keep playing a hero this way can make you passively underperform and lose the game both unintendedly and intendedly.

As Valhein is considered a strong champion, losing laning phase to any enemy hero might result in you being scolded by your teammates and this would obviously affect your psychology negatively.

So playing Valhein might lead to quick games which can be both a win and a lose. That’s why sometimes people see Valhein as sort of a meme. And remember that Valhein is no way a God, he can’t win you the game on his own. There are many heroes to make a good combination with Valhein, like Cresht – as a marksman protector for example. If you want to rely on him, at least help him by start building the lineup around him.

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