South Korea Overwatch World Cup Qualifier Full Of Cool Merchandise

The EXP.GG team had one of its own head over to Incheon, South Korea to cover the first stage of the Overwatch World Cup. While the event officially started at 11, at 10, a huge crowd had already showed up outside of the arena eagerly waiting to be allowed in.

To help pass the time, Blizzard had set up some pretty cool booths full of Overwatch merchandise that visitors could browse at their leisure. That’s exactly what we did! Here are some of the rare pieces of Overwatch World Cup memorabilia that we found.

The first thing you see upon entering the area is the glorious hand-painted D.Va model that we had first covered back when it was announced in May. Retailing at $450 USD, the model is extremely high quality and looked to be of a very solid design.

Right besides D.Va were another two hand-painted masterpieces: Widowmaker and Genji.

Nearby, there was another interesting set of Overwatch models that are a bit riskier of a purchase. Unlike your average “what you see is what you get” purchase, these Overwatch models are sold via mystery boxes so you actually have no idea which character you might find inside. It’s the “gacha” concept / loot box  in real-life.

Let’s be realistic, everyone has their favorite Overwatch characters. Personally, I’d just like to get my hands on the Reaper one, and I’m really not interested at all in the others. The odds of me getting Reaper are a bit too low for my tastes, so these models are an easy pass for me.

They also had some cuddly plushies of Winston and some other Overwatch characters. The snowball plush toy even comes with 6 adjustable eye-patches so you can change his mood to match your own!

They also had a large collection of Overwatch apparel so you can show your love for the game wherever you go. From hats, to T-shirts, and even backpacks, there was a little something for everyone.

Lastly, there were a couple of products that were specially made to commemorate this particular Overwatch World Cup event. One was a pink D.Va pillow plushie and the other was a set of team jerseys.

And that was pretty much the store outside. As the crowds were starting to be let in, we made our way back on line to get ready for the start of the Overwatch World Cup. There will be more updates for the event in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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