Riot Confirms Less League Of Legends Changes Going Forward

Riot has released a new video in which Joe, one of the lead producers of Riot, goes in-depth on the development and changes that we saw in League of Legends during the past season and what we can expect in the future.

He starts off by listing all the major changes that the game has seen over the past year and that they are currently very happy with the state of the game. The developers feel that most of these changes that were made have improved the game instead of making it worse. However, there were 2 issues that they had major problems with. The first one was that gold funneling strategies became way too oppressive, especially in professional play. He further adds that they have already addressed this issue and that they feel it’s currently in a good state.

The other issue is that AD carries, especially crit-based ones, had become obsolete in the game. Although Riot is happy with the amount of diversity that can now be played in the bot lane, they felt that they had let down a major group of champions and people who love playing those champions. They are currently working on bringing them back to a state where they are viable but not oppressive so that the bot lane will still see the diversity that it now has.

He also addressed the issues that players have with the huge number of changes that we saw in League of Legends over the past season. A lot of players were overwhelmed by such rapid changes as most players need some time to settle into the meta. Luckily, Riot has announced that they won’t be pushing changes as rapidly in the future and that there are also no major balance changes planned until the end of this season. We can expect the patch schedule to be a bit more similar to the seasons that came before this one.

Furthermore, Joe talked about the upcoming game mode called Nexus Blitz but we have already covered that here if you want to read more about it. He also confirmed that Clash is still delayed due to major technical issues that were experienced during the launch of the game, however, the developers feel like they have fixed the major issues and have scheduled the game mode to be on the PBE before the end of the year.

Be sure to check out the full video in order to get all the information, and also to just listen to this guy’s smooth voice. It’s so soothing.

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