Top 5 Support Champions To Turn Teamfights Around

Support seems to be less favored by League of Legends players as they often want to take key roles more for many reasons. However, sometimes it might not be the marksman, mid champion who have the decisive plays to win teamfights but it’s the support champions who deliver them.

1. Rakan

Of all these 5 League of Legends support champions, Rakan is the most recent released and yet is the most impactful one. With his kit, Rakan can knock up enemies, heal allies and himself. He can also buff allies’ armor. But he has much more than that.

In teamfights, position Rakan well to get the best out of him. With The Quickness (R) and Flash, Rakan can move a lot faster while charming and slowing down the enemies on his path. You might want to pick Rakan when there are many good teamfight champions in the team. If you want to see an example, watch how SKT destroyed EGD in teamfights with Rakan by Wolf. Note that SKT was led 10.000 gold at that time.

2. Alistar

Alistar is a tank champion, with his ultimate – Unbreakable Will, Alistar can absorb a huge amount of damage. That allows him to join in and get out of fights easily. You can make use of Alistar’s ultimate to engage and trick enemies into using abilities on him.

Alistar’s well-known combo: W (Headbutt) + Q (Pulverize) to knock back and knock up enemies. There are many ways to utilize these two abilities of Alistar: Use W first to push a champion back then use Q as soon as he want to get away. Or use them with Righteous Glory and Flash for quick initiation then activate Unbreakable Will to become a shield for his team.

A precise combo of Alistar is enough for his teammates to line up more abilities like Command: Shockwave (Oriana), Cataclysm (Jarvan IV) or Last Breath (Yasuo).

3. Sona

Many people think of Sona as a weak champion that only heals and hides behind ADC in teamfights. But when you watch pro players’ highlights with Sona, you know that’s not true.

In fact, Sona does not just heal, she can also quickly initiate teamfights like a real initiator. Sona’s R – Crescendo can play a decisive factor in team fights if you know how to use it properly. Crescendo’s big area of effect (stun and damage) can be a disaster for anyone, in both open and narrow space.

But remember that Sona is still a fragile champion, be decisive and use her ultimate in team fights then Flash if needed to fall back and support team from behind.

4. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is capable of infiltrating enemy jungle at Level 1. Later on, in 5v5 teamfights, Blitzcrank can do a lot with a good Rocket Grab (Q) that lands on the target you want.

In important fights, an out-of-position enemy core champion can be a decisive factor that win you the game later on. Otherwise, if you pull Amumu or Alistar to your team, beware for the reports. See how Madlife turn a teamfight around with Blitzcrank.

5. Morgana

Morgana’s kit is quite similar to Lux’s but she is much more impactful in teamfights. Morgana can totally use her abilities in an offensive way to disrupt enemy team’s formation.

The Fallen Angel’s Black Shield (E) allows her to go straight ahead to where enemy team is without fearing any special effects. She then may use Soul Shackles (R) to deal a lot of damage and disable enemies remain nearby. Equip Morgana Zhonya’s Hourglass if you feel that she is too vulnerable to enemies’ abilities. You can buy more time to trick those enemies into being stunned by Soul Shackles.

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