Microsoft Is Giving Away A Gold-Plated Xbox One

If you have ever dreamed of playing games on a gold-plated Xbox than this is your chance as Microsoft is giving one away for free. The Xbox that you will get is a gold-plated Xbox One X Scropio edition. The gold-plated Xbox can only be won through competitions like these and a few people have already won them before. It’s probably one of the rarest gaming consoles in all of history.

Joining the competition is a really easy feat too that almost any can do. All you have to do is to complete this month’s two remaining quests. This means that you will have to play a minimum of 30 minutes of multiplayer each day up and until August 20. After that, you will get from August 21 until August 27 to unlock 7 new achievements.  If you have completed both of these quests you are in the running for your own golden Xbox.

Both quests are relatively easy so almost anybody is able to compete. A lot of people already play a minimum of 30 minutes of multiplayer each day so this really shouldn’t be hard to accomplish. Unlocking 7 new achievements might be slightly trickier but you can just boot up any game you haven’t played yet and you will reel in 7 achievements in no time.

Everybody who competes in the competition will get a price though, even though only 1 person will receive the golden Xbox. If you think your chances of winning are so low you might as well not do it, you might want to reconsider. Although it’s unsure what the consolation price actually is, it’s still something that you can earn really easily so you might as well.

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