New Pokémon Let’s Go Trailer Shows Mega Evolution Is Back

A new trailer dropped for Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee that, despite its short runtime, showed us some crucial details of the upcoming game. Although it definitely starts out as your average trailer, near the end of its run-time they reveal the return of one of the greatest features that the Pokémon franchise has had.

The trailer starts off quite peacefully and shows us some more aspects of the game world. Although nothing shown is really surprising as the games are remakes, it’s fantastic to see the Kanto region in full 3D. We get a good look at Vermillion City, including the SS Anne and Lt. Surge. We also see that Jesse and James might be a bit more in the spotlight this game as they certainly seem to be an important part of the trailer.


Now the most exciting thing shown in the trailer is revealed near the end. That is that mega evolution makes its big comeback. Mega evolution was a feature that was introduced during the 6th generation of the Pokémon games. The feature tried to give older and weaker Pokémon some much-needed love by giving them a temporary, but extra powerful evolution. They also gave mega evolutions to some fan-favorite Pokémon that mostly didn’t need them and just made them even more powerful.


Although mega evolution was liked by the majority of the Pokémon community, the entire idea seemed to have been scrapped when the Pokémon Sun and Moon games came out. Although mega evolution was still in the game, you could only obtain the mega stones (stones that are required for mega evolutions) after the game was already completed. We also didn’t see any new mega evolutions despite many fans hoping that their favorite Pokémon would get one in the future.

However, with the new trailer out it seems that mega evolution is back. In the Japanese trailer, mega evolution plays an even greater role as it’s on the forefront of the entire trailer. Although the game already comes out on November 16, it might be possible that we still see a few new mega evolutions before the game hits the shelves. It would honestly be amazing if Gamefreak goes out their way to give some generation 1 Pokémon some much needed mega evolution love.

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