League’s Champion Roadmap Announces New Reworks And Champions

Riot Games has released the Champion Roadmap a few hours ago that details what we can expect to see in the future regarding new champs and updates. The first thing they mentioned though, is that this year they are a bit more focused on updating older champions rather than releasing new ones.

One of League’s oldest champions will be getting an update soon. Nunu, the young boy who is riding a giant yeti named Willump will receive an update to his gameplay as well as visuals. Time has not been very kind to Nunu and his kit is quite outdated. It still sees some competitive play every now and then due to the aggressive objective control that Nunu has. However, besides objective control and the AP Nunu meme he doesn’t have a lot going for him. His update will give him a visual update and will change some gameplay aspects. The team states his ultimate, as well as his Consume, will stay the same as these are very iconic. However, the rest of the kit will see changes to make him more whimsical.


Another champion that will receive an update is Ezreal, although his update will be notably smaller than Nunu. After many years, Ezreal is still an incredibly popular champion pick and still performs very well in competitive play. However, his visuals have aged quite poorly and thus Riot is going to give him a visual overhaul. They also plan to change a small part of his kit, namely his W, as this ability has become quite clunky.


The final two champions in line for some updates are Kayle and Morgana. The two sisters have been in the game for quite some time now and, apart from Kayle’s visuals, they have aged quite well. However, Riot will be updating some lore around the two champions and has consequently decided to give both of them some love. Morgana’s kit will remain relatively untouched as she’s in a really great spot now, however, Kayle will definitely see some changes to her kit. She will remain a hybrid between a melee and a ranged champion though like she currently is. Furthermore, both champions will get some sleek new visuals along with their lore update.

Lastly, the champion roadmap has given us information that there are 2 new champions coming to the game in the foreseeable future. The first champion will be a colorful mage. Riot has said she won’t stay hidden for much longer but is not quite ready to be revealed just yet. The other champion they said is still “locked away”  with no foreseeable release date yet. This is most likely a pun as we see some big chains that have locked up someone up in the background, maybe indicating that the champion will be some sort of prisoner.

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