Riot Is Experimenting With Adding New Game Modes To League

Riot is finally adding a new game mode to League of Legends, or at least they’re planning to do so. The new game mode that they will be testing out is called Nexus Blitz. The Nexus Blitz alpha will start in patch 8.16 and all players will be allowed to try it and express their views and opinions to Riot.

Nexus Blitz itself is completely new and unique. It will feature one giant lane and a small part dedicated to the jungle, resulting in a map layout that we’ve never experienced before. The teams are supposed to play with 2 people in the jungle and 3 in the lane. While playing, random events will start to occur that players will need to adapt to. These events could be a payload that needs to be pushed, a king of the hill battle, or even a closing circle of death like we see with Battle Royale games.

When your team wins one of these events you will be able to unlock some crazy rewards for your entire team. These awards could be something simple like giving your entire team a shield. However, they can also be completely insane like giving your minions and towers Blitzcrank hooks or getting a giant cannon in your base that shoots you to the middle of the map. Additionally, if you go on a killstreak in Nexus Blitz you will go on fire, this increases your damage and lowers your cooldowns but you will take a ton more damage.

Nexus Blitz is part of a larger effort that Riot is doing in order to add some new permanent game modes to the game. They want that help of players in order to find a game mode that feels right for the game. They are aiming for the game modes to be shorts and casual in order to give a different experience from standard play. The new game modes will all be experimental modes first. This means that they will be added to the game for a few months while Riot is receiving feedback and doing more test on the game mode. If the game mode feels right for both the community and Riot they will create a final version of the game mode that will be added permanently to the game.

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