New Hearthstone Card Reveal Shows Mecha’thun


IGN has revealed a new legendary card from Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion – “The Boomsday Project”. Bringing back another familiar name, the new card is a mech version of C’thun and its “Deathrattle” effect is an insta-win button. Have a look at it yourself.

Mecha'thun Hearthstone
Image Source: IGN

Basically, if Mecha’thun dies and you have absolutely no other cards in your deck, hand, or on the board, you instantly win! This card is definitely one of the most insane cards to enter the game, but is it actually useable in competitive play? Given the current cards that are available in the game, it might seem nearly impossible. However, when considering some of the other new expansion cards that were revealed earlier, it might just be doable.

Take for example the new “Myra’s Unstable Element” which allows a player to draw the rest of his deck. If you have Mecha’thun in your hand, you will definitely burn out the rest of your deck fulfilling that requirement of the Deathrattle. Then it comes down to clearing out the cards in your hand which shouldn’t be that challenging if playing a “miracle” style deck.

Myra Hearthstone
Image Source: Hearthstone Wiki

While not exactly an easy card to play, the point here is that the difficulty of getting it to work might be made significantly less challenging with the upcoming cards. 

The toughest aspect of playing this card might actually not be meeting the Deathrattle conditions, but more of correctly guessing whether or not an opponent has a way of effectively clearing it. Mages and shamans in particular, could easily polymorph or hex Mecha’thun rendering his deathrattle useless. Even priests with Silence could also negate the effect of his Deathrattle.

If the card can be cleared without triggering the Deathrattle, the game is instantly over for whoever played it. Blizzard sure does love adding these high-risk, high-reward types of mechanics. If pros decide to build a deck around it, Mecha’thun is sure to generate some fan frenzy if they manage to successfully put it into play.

We might not get any more updates regarding the new expansion as we’re just about a week away from its August 7th release date. If we do, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


Featured Image Source: Geekculture

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