Animal Crossing New Leaf Co-Director Has Left Nintendo

Animal Crossing fans have been quite starved for content in recent years. The game has not released on a major console since 2008 when Animal Crossing: City People was released for the Wii. To add to the bad news, Isao Moro, the co-director of Animal Crossing: New Leaf has left Nintendo.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf was the most recent game in the franchise that was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2012. New Leaf was received very well and is still considered an absolutely fantastic game but fans are still hoping for a new Animal Crossing release on the Nintendo Switch.  The departure of one of the main people behind the most recent installment in the franchise could indicate that there are some severe development issues taking place.


Of course, there are many reasons for employees to leave companies so it’s best to not jump to conclusions. We don’t have any information on his reasons to leave Nintendo so the development of a new Animal Crossing game might be going perfectly fine. Maybe he just wanted to do something else with his life or take his career in another direction. However, this recent news has reinforced the views of some loyal fans to the franchise that think that the future of Animal Crossing is completely doomed.

Luckily, we know one thing for sure and that is that as long as the series main director Aya Kyogoku doesn’t leave we should be seeing another installment at some point in the future.

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