DICE Clarifies Grand Operations Will Be Playable From Day One

DICE Clarifies Grand Operations Will Be Playable At Launch

Following Saturday’s news that Battlefield V’s three-pronged session mode, Grand Operations, would not be available at launch, DICE has emerged from the woodwork to explain it will indeed form part of the day one package.

As a means to quash the rapidly spreading backlash about an announced feature not featuring at launch, DICE authored a tweet confirming its ‘ultimate MP experience’ i.e. Grand Operations would be playable when the game releases on October 19th.

The post at the root of the controversy has also been amended to read ‘You can deploy in Grand Operations at launch and as part of Tides of War, the Battlefield V live service where you’ll fight across other unseen and unplayed battlefields of World War 2’.

DICE Clarifies Grand Operations Will Be Playable At Launch

Foregoing the previously unpopular season pass format, DICE have introduced Tides of War, a free series of content updates. Planned every few months, Tides of War will introduce various pivotal narratives from World War II in chapter format with unlockable loot (weapons, skins, vehicles and so on) and timed events. Each chapter centers around a particular event with unique gameplay loops for each one. The Tides of War mention suggests the Grand Operations mode available at launch will quickly be fleshed out with the first ‘Fall of Europe’ update.

DICE Clarifies Grand Operations Will Be Playable At Launch

DICE also explained the initial news was pulled from internal sources authored way back on June 9th when launch day plans foresaw the absence of Grand Operations. Development plans have since moved forward.The June 9th date now appears at the top of the post where as it previously did not.

With fans reassured and DICE having set the record straight, it begs the question of why a publisher/developer duo with a wealth of PR experience allowed the mistake to infiltrate an official bulletin?

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