Amazing Ryze Cinematic Expands On The League Of Legends Universe

Riot Games released an amazing cinematic on Ryze’s new lore yesterday. It was the first cinematic that they have made since they released the Varus music video “As We Fall” last year and it beats it in every way, shape, or form.

The new cinematic shows Ryze on his quest in order to obtain all of the world runes. The does not explicitly tell about his lore but is more like some additional content to his lore update that we got yesterday. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feature Brand at all despite him being a big part of Ryze’s new lore. The only thing we could see that might slightly relate to Brand is a hellish inferno inside a city. This is probably the moment that Brand tried to take one of Ryze’s runes and burned became the monstrosity that he now is.

Besides Ryze we also see some other champions in action. We see Ryze working together with Miss Fortune on a pirate ship. After he is running away from a stone golem in a desert before the golem is stopped by Nasus. When Ryze is in a tough spot up against countless enemies, Sona makes an appearance and rescues Ryze. We even see Trundle make a shouting angrily at Ryze for some reason before cutting back to him standing in the temple. It’s uncertain why these champions would work together with Ryze although they might understand that Ryze is trying to protect the world.

Near the end of the trailer, we see Ryze up against a gigantic monster that looks awfully similar to Vel’koz, except that the color scheme is completely different. This leads me to believe that it’s not actually Vel’koz but rather a Frozen Watcher. The Watchers are ancient beings that once came from the Void. They have presided in Freljord for a long time and Vel’koz is said to look really similar to the Watchers which makes the theory all the more plausible.

This cinematic is exactly what League of Legends needs in order to get people hyped up about the lore of the game. Ever since Riot decided to revamp the entire lore of the game, the world and champions have never been more interesting. They are getting so much praise for their worldbuilding that a lot of League of Legends fans want an MMO based on the game’s lore. While this will probably never happen, it didn’t stop Riot founder Marc Merrill from joking about it a few days ago.

This cinematic clearly shows that a lot of people are really invested in the lore of the game despite the game not being story focused at all. Really makes you wonder what Riot has in store for us when they further expand on their world.

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